Wednesday, June 15, 2005

DeLay blinks on traffic issue: Or does he?

With all of the modesty that may be due the circumstance the Forum notes that barely 4 weeks after it launched its bumper sticker campaign, regarding Tom DeLay’s refusal to allow funding for Houston’s proposed Metro transit plans, Tom DeLay has announced a 180 degree change in his public position. On Monday it was announced that DeLay would support federal funding for some aspects of a plan to relieve commuter congestion in the Houston area that affects the 22nd Congressional District. He didn’t agree to the rail plan that is needed. He didn’t actually secure any funding. He just announced that he doesn’t oppose it anymore.

We take an appropriate amount of credit for the fact that DeLay recognized that he had to take a different public position on this issue. Our first issue campaign can be called a success because immediately after it was launched a change of position was announced. The forum does not intend to relent on the traffic bumper sticker campaign because we have learned that you have to watch not what Tom DeLay says but what he does. Nothing announced on Monday means that any progress has been achieved. When funding occurs for transportation programs that actually help the people of the District the campaign can claim success. Right now actions on the part of whoever represents the District after the fall elections will speak louder than words. In the mean time if you are sitting in Houston traffic jams you can thank Tom DeLay for standing in the way of transportation progress.