Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sitting in Traffic? Thank Tom DeLay

The first of the issue focused media opportunities of the District 22 Political Forum has hit the streets. The 'Sitting in Traffic' campaign has been rolled out in the form of bumper stickers that can be obtained through the Site. Go to the site, click on donate and for a three dollar donation the forum will mail you a bumper sticker. They have been available at various public events including the Galveston County Jumbo Gumbo cook-off and the Family fun day at Bass park last weekend. Envision the multitudes who sit in traffic having to stare at a bumper sticker in front of them that reminds them that the reason we have constant construction, no master transit plan and one of the worst mass transit programs is that Tom DeLay steadfastly refuses to allow the development of mass transit.

Many of you will remember that Tom DeLay personally stood in the way of transit funding. He adamantly blocked all efforts until our public officials placed the matter up for a bond issue, got public approval and then had to pay 100% of the cost of the initial scaled down transit system we now have. The problems we have with the gallant effort to get mass transit are due to Tom DeLay's efforts to prevent it from happening. When Houston's Metro tried to get additional federal funds, after paying the first 100%, Tom DeLay and John Culberson blocked the legislation that would have funded the next phase last fall.

If you are sitting in traffic. You can thank Tom DeLay. In debate last fall he tried inartfully to explain that there were statistical data that proved it was better to build more roads and have more cars. One need only guess which interests donated to his campaigns to begin to understand where his logic is developed. In the meantime Houstonians and the rest of the District will sit in traffic.

Buy the bumper stickers. Support the program to remind people why they are wasting their time and money going nowhere. Go to the site and get a bumper sticker.


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