Thursday, May 19, 2005

More numbers to crunch

The Forum has always noted that Mike FJetland, who ran as a Republican in primaries against Tom DeLay in 2000 and 2002 got 16% of the Republican vote in his first outing, and 20% in the second effort. Mike got these numbers with nearly no financial support and no name recognition. Nearly 1 in 5 Republicans were already inclined to turn DeLay out back then. Now Mike claims on his blog that 40% of the Republicans who voted in the Republican Primary in 2004, when there was no opponent against DeLay, showed up and voted, but did not check DeLay as a choice among the other votes they cast. They voted in the Republican Primary but did not vote for DeLay. Without checking Mike's numbers it does sound like Tom DeLay's troubles at home are larger than the mainstream media is picking up. This makes it seem like 40% of the Repbulicans in DeLay's district are looking for someone else to vote for.


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