Tuesday, May 17, 2005

DeLay really Nails Teachers when it comes to Social Security

Everyone knows that there is a storm brewing over Social Security. As Tom DeLay and his "conservative movement" try to take benefits from working people by the "starve the beast" ideology, few people have been able to appreciate how thoughtlessly he has gone after the people who teach our children: the teachers. Years ago Congress passed a bill called the Windfall Elimination Provision. It cuts the benefits of a small group of people who have vested Social Security rights and also are entitled to Texas Teacher Retirement. This law absolutely cuts this benefit that everyone else would get if they were not teachers in Texas. Yes it is that narrowly unfair and that bad. Read the report of the unfairness on the Teachers' web page. (Click on the Blue link).

Notice it mentions that over 300 members of Congress (as in more than a majority), have co-sponsored the bill to correct this unfairness. The Fairness Act, as it is called, received 193 signatures on a 'discharge petition' seeking to force it out of committee to remedy the unfairness. The only thing stopping it is Tom DeLay's insistence that this way of saving money for the tax breaks for the rich is the fairest thing to do. No wonder he felt comfortable in saying, at the Clear Lake debate last year: "I don't feel it is my job to improve education".


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