Tuesday, May 31, 2005

DeLay calls Sweatshop squalor a "Glowing example of a Free Market Success"

When Tom DeLay got his ride on Air Force One with the President he had just finished another denial that he is protecting sweatshop operators in the Northern Mariana Islands. Even after an ABC News 20/20 program documented the wretched conditions where Tom DeLay’s patrons compete with American Workers by charging imported workers a recruitment fee for the job, paying well below minimum wage and charging them for their barracks style sub-slum housing, Tom DeLay denies that this is happening. There have been Congressional investigations, attempts at legislation in the Senate and the American companies tarred with the embarrassment of having trafficked in the ill gotten goods, have fully apologized and made reparations. Yet, on May 15, 2005, yes two weeks ago, Tom DeLay said: “…there was no evidence of any of that going on. NO evidence of sweatshops as portrayed by the national media…… they could not produce one story or one individual to prove their allegations,”. He totally closes his mind to the evidence that is so obvious to nearly all others who have looked into the matter.

Today, a woman named Carmencita Abad, held a press conference in Houston to declare that she was one of those people. She was put forward by the Houston Interfaith Worker Justice group and the AFL-CIO Council, to show how deceitful Tom DeLay’s support for the sweatshop owners is, when he directly helps foreign interests undermine worker’s here in America.

It is bad enough that the representative of the people of the 22nd Congressional District prefers to support interests that abuse and enslave workers to help those interests sell their products for a price below what American companies can match, but he is directly supporting the loss of over 60,000 American jobs when companies who pay decent wages cannot compete with the corrupt companies. When Tom DeLay supports foreign interests, he is costing us all our livelihood in one way or another. What Republican Senator Frank Murkowski and so many others have called appalling, Tom DeLay called “a glowing example of free market success.”

People in the 22nd Congressional District deserve a representative that will protect their interests ahead of those of corrupt foreign interests. His refusal to acknowledge the problem that the United States Senate has tried to remedy and others have denounced is evidence of his disdain for some elements of common decency.

Reverand Dr. Diana Dale, a leading corporate chaplain who teaches ethics at the Universtiy of St. Thomas said: “I think it’s time for all of us to respectfully ask Congressman DeLay to re-examine his actions and statements, to ask himself if his actions were really in line with God’s teachings . . . .” This forum agrees. Really Mr. DeLay, have you no sense of decency?


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The nerve of that man! I am beginning to think that he just isn't bright enough to be in Congress...

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