Monday, May 02, 2005

A confluence of forces

Off the Kuff reports on a visit from esteemed elder statesman of the Republican party, Pete McCloskey. Pete and a group of senior Republicans recently wrote to Speaker of the House, Denny Hastert registering their dissatisfaction with how the House was handling its ethics investigation of Tom DeLay. This group of Republicans now refer to themselves as the 'Revolt of the Elders' and have made inquiries, as reported earlier about what Tom DeLay's status is with his voters. The District 22 Political Forum is one of the few groups that actually has continued connection with active political groups in all four Counties in the District and provided the McCloskey group with information and resources on several occasions.

On the heels of the McCloskey visit Click2 Houston televsion reports that another poll has been published demonstrating that there is substantial unrest among the citizens of this District with Tom DeLay's conduct in office. The Click2 poll, also reported at the Daily DeLay, asserts that 51% disapprove of how Tom DeLay is performing as Congressman. The poll indicates that 57% of the people in the District think that he should resign either from the leadership position or from Congress altogether. This in combination with the recent Chronicle/Zogby poll shows mounting and consistent opposition to Tom DeLay's conduct as the Congressman from this area.

The article on the Click2 Houston web page carries a quote from a DeLay spokesman:

"The people of his district know that Congressman DeLay is guided by principles, not by polls. He keeps getting re-elected election after election because of the positive work he's doing on the issues that matter most to the families in his district like growing the economy, fully funding our space program, fighting for tax relief, and improving mobility."

The forum raises the question of whether a poll of the District would reveal that anyone in the District feels that Tom DeLay does any good work that favors the people who live here in any of the areas mentioned by the spokesperson. After all is said and done will the people here feel like he is representing their best interests? These polls seem to say no.


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