Thursday, May 26, 2005

As pieces fall into place Mordred can see the room of the Round Table

Today in Austin State District Judge Joe Hart decided as a matter of law, after trial, that Tom DeLay's co-conspirators acted in violation of law when they illegally took huge amounts of Corporate money to influence the 2002 elections. This was the first legal point in showing to people that the neo conservative agenda to change America was founded on illegal activities that stems from corrupt ideas and corrupt actions.

Around the 22nd District the reaction has been focused on how it effects the people who live here. It is bad enough that the Congressman that is elected from here is being dogged by people who are showing how corrupt and illegal his conduct is, the people here keep asking: "So what has Tom DeLay been doing on our behalf?"

Karl Silverman, the President of the Neighborhood Democrats Club in Galveston County Texas said: "It's bad enough that the way he does business so often violates the rules and laws that apply to his work, but it's another example of the amount of time he spends pounding the pavement for issues that have nothing to do with why he was elected to office."

Karrie Washenfelder, President of the Fort Bend Employee Federation stated: "The people who live here are getting tired of having a Congressman who coldly turns his back on key issues that matter to his constituents."

Gayle Fallon of the Houston Federation of Teachers added: "Tom DeLay has managed to secure reelection over the last 10 elections without having paid much attention to the issues of the people in his district but his margins of victory have been declining. With all the stories of the different things he's done that stretched the limits of ethics and legality, his failure to attend to the needs of his people is going to exact a toll when he tries to get the voters' approval in his next election."

The national clamor over Tom DeLays arrogance and refusal to be accountable to normal standards of conduct are noticed in the District but the final quesiton will always be: will the people here want to keep being painted with his bad conduct as their representative on the national scene? These Texas expect more from someone who is supposed to represent them.


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