Friday, April 08, 2005

Power Corrupts: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

For purely partisan reasons Tom DeLay sought to depose a sitting President: Bill Clinton. His effort failed and he left a trail of devastation from all of his cohorts, none of whom should not have been throwing the first stone. He used his power to try to damage Article I of the Constitution.

When the Ethics watchdog Committee of his own Congress determined that he acted wrongly and admonished him for acts that constitute Bribery he deposed all of the Congressmen and staff who had the temerity to question his conduct: In an extreme abuse of power he just had them removed from the Committee. Another path of destruction. This was an assault on the very integrity of the Second Article of the Constitution.

Now, when the State and Federal Courts refused to bend to his will and unanimously stood by the rule of law, he is aiming to depose whole Court systems. Our Courts were created and honored in Article Three of the Constitution.

He has no objection to laying waste to whole articles of the United States Constitution. He feels empowered to assault each of the three branches of our government. He brags of raw power. "I am the federal Government".

He was never elected by us to dismantle the very Constitution that defines what is so special about America. It invented freedom in government.

What is most disturbing about this pattern is the aura that he dances around, that his worldview includes a calling from his understanding of God. He claims that it is a Moral obligation he is fulfilling. His God is guiding him?

The good people of the 22nd Congressional District will not allow this to stand. In the final analysis it is our votes that will strike the most righteous blows for honor in our Government. His many acts in violation of our founding beliefs have never been brought out more clearly than they have in the last several months. His are not the values Texans stand by.


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