Sunday, April 10, 2005

DeLay not interested in improving education

Go to the Houston Democratic party site and look at the video of Tom DeLay at the Clear Lake Debate in October of last year. After calling teachers' side job social security benefits a needless windfall and taking them away from Texas teachers, and then taking up special sessions of the part time legislature with his redistricting scandal instead of School funding reform, he explained his priorities in this answer to a question. "I don't believe its my job to improve education". Click on this link to the April 10, 2004 post on the Houston Dems site to see the video.

Not caring about the fact that Texas spends nearly the least on education for its students of nearly every state, and pays its teachers nearly the worst, Tom DeLay demonstrates that he views his job as bigger than caring about the concerns of the people who elect him to office. He has fat cat corporate donors to please. The concerns of the people are somewhere down his list of what is his job.


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Here's the link to the video.

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