Monday, March 07, 2005

Tom DeLay is in the News

The coverage of Tom DeLay last night by Leslie Stahl of CBS 60 Minutes focused upon the sly way that the people who stand with Tom DeLay try to assume that the laws that apply to the rest of us do not apply to them. All of the complaints that they levy at the legal profession for trying to fight for the people on the "wrong" side of social issues are expressed out of their own mouths when it is their feet being held to the fire. What a sleazy contortion of the law they reach for when they try to explain that all of DeLay's people's expenses were administrative. It follows DeLay's own explanation for why it was O.K. for lobbyist Abramson to pay $14,000.00 for his trip to a luxury hotel in Paris. PARIS, as in FRANCE! (e-mail Ombudsman to get the link for that article)

If you want to see an example of anti-lawyer hypocrisy you should read the answer Tom DeLay's lawyers filed to the Chris Bell ethics complaint. They raise every objection to the Bell complaint that they whine about when a lawyer raises the same argument for other people that are in the legal system. Let us eliminate the rights of people who are unfortunate enought to have to go to court to solve a problem but wait. Don't change anything until after my problem is out of the way. I want all of the benefits of our legal system while they are there but when I don't need them any more then don't let anyone else obtain them.

What is comes down to is that the Washington Post article highlighting how he is in trouble back home (as in here in Webster, Texas) is just a precurser to the stories that are in the wings which will demonstrate how he is no longer seen here as a representative of the values of this community.

While I was writing the post below another e-mail came in from a disaffected republican asking what he and his wife could do to address the problem of how DeLay represents us here in the District. This two party family became a one party family over how re-districting was effected.


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