Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Stealth Open House

Tom DeLay tends to shy away from announcing public events in his own District. The extent of the protests against him when it is known that he will be in town (which is not often) mar his image as one who holds the regard of his constituents.

Since he obtained office space in this part of his new gerrymander Tom DeLay had never announced it was open to the public. We know this because I visited the office in February and asked the staffer when the office would be open to the Public. The staff person said he was not sure. Numerous people have reported calling the office number to ask for the date of the Grand Opening and recieved similarly vague answers. On Tuesday March 29, 2005 I received a call from a reliable source telling me that it had been announced that the Grand Opening was that night and asking that I confirm the event. I called the Office of Tom DeLay and asked if it was true that there would be an Open House that night at that office and was placed on hold while the person on the phone asked. When he returned he said he wasn't sure! Next I received a call from a reporter from a major Metropolitan news organization who said that he had received notice that there would be such an event.

The benefit of the late and vague notice of the Grand Opening was to limit the number of protesters to about six. Their escapades are reported at the Harris County Democratic Party Web page at and in the Stakeholder. (Click on the two links to see the coverage.)


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