Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Stealth Open House Chapter II

Since he took a lease on office space in the new part of his gerrymandered District Tom DeLay avoided announcing that the place was open for business. For weeks I have heard of people calling the office to ask when it would be open and their inquiries were never answered. On one occasion several members of the Bay Area New Democrats (BAND) visited the office to ask what was going on and still could not find out when the office would open officially.

On March 29, 2005 a BAND member called to say that there was a rumor that the Grand Opening was to be that night. I called the office to confirm and the person who answered the phone said he was not sure but would find out. He placed me on hold and when he came back he was NOT SURE!!!! A reporter from a major Metro paper called later that day and said he had received a notice that the Congressman was planning to host some people at the office to formally open the venue.

With this late notice the Bay Area New Democrats intrepid warriors that they are were only able to muster out six people to voice opposition to the policies of Tom DeLay. This pretty good showing of community sentiment was an off day for BAND which can usually be counted upon for 15-20 residents who have one bone or another to pick with the Majority Leader. It is well reported on the Web site of the Harris County Democratic Party and in 'The Stakeholder.


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