Monday, March 14, 2005

Can you say CACAPHONY? What happens in Brazoria Plays in Peoria

To the 10,000 people who gave money last year to oppose Tom DeLay your money was well spent. Keep it up. Just because you don't live in his District does not mean that your finacial "vote" did not send a meaningful signal.

In yet another post highlighting the extent of the world media's attention to the broad misconduct of the Congressman from our District the Houston Chronicle and the Washington Post set out the obstacle course Tom DeLay will have to navigate to stay his course on his agenda in Washington. Since the issues that most interest the people who live here have never been high on the list in his agenda we ask you to note the comment that the District 22 Political Forum has been making for months. People around the Country can help themselves by paying attention to what is happening here.

"House Republicans are publicly standing by DeLay, R-Sugar Land, but some wonder privately whether the reports by Washington-based reporters will seep into news media outlets in their districts and derail their legislative initiatives." Houston Chronicle March 13, 2005

Effective action to publicize the failure attend to local issues by the Majority Leader will make his cronies in Washington all take note of the risk they face in their own Districts for their affiliation with a bad agenda. What happens in Brazoria plays in Peoria.


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