Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Calls for Resignation become louder

The Public Campaign Action Fund has ramped up the drumbeat for removal of Tom DeLay as a blight on our National scene. Today they call for his resignation listing 10 reasons why he has violated the trust of the Nation. Interestingly, as bad as each reason is, and as much as this column supports the effort, none of their reasons mentions the reason why people in the Texas 22nd need to rebel against his conduct. He no longer represents our interests as our legislator. We demand representation in Congress and, if his resignation from the Legislature is the only way for us to obtain our rights, so be it. Ulitmately our vote will determine whether he should stay in power. As the group with the most at stake in this issue, we the voters will have the final say. This column offers its support to the the Action Fund and will stay on the course of pointing out the failures of Tom DeLay to represent his people. We are the voice that counts.


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