Thursday, March 17, 2005

Beltway Banditos Just Wanna Have Fun?

In 2004 an unkown political neophyte nearly toppled a giant here by running an old fashioned I am a nice guy and he isn't campaign. He spoke to issues that mattered to people and the people loved it. He was like a rock star travelling anywhere he went. At the State Party convention it was like he was the only candidate that paid attention. He increased the vote for his party from a nearly rock solid 35% t0 41% and took the giant off his 65% solid base to a paltry 55%. DeLay lost one of the four counties and only won his home county by 52%

Now there is a furor raging, primarily among the D.C. in-bred community, raising a bunch of stink that will most likely only matter in the D.C. community. DeLay and the President have sloughed it off publicly because they know the most crucial fact about it. If it doesn't matter to District 22 it will not matter. If all of the charges now aired are true, and they mean something adverse to DeLay, he could still get re-elected if people do not check the pulse of what the relevant community down here cares about.

May all of those who ardently protest the ills of a government that operates out of Tom DeLay's pay for play book continue to air their greivances. Just don't forget that the true political and legal focus is right here in the Texas 22nd. Will people in Texas prefer to stand with their Mordred as he weathers the storm from the North, or will they side with their nice guy candidate who promises a real change to real Texas values?

With some help and understanding the people here can achieve the change that was started when the nice guy turned the tide against DeLay with little more than hard work and determination. If any of the inciteful beltway banditos want to see the fruits of their labor they will look into what the people here are saying about the brouhaha way up there. Failing to heed Tip O'Neill's admonition will exact its price.


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