Friday, March 11, 2005

And what does this mean? Is he slipping?

At the bottom of a Chronicle Story about how we are getting more highway money (which apparently is instead of mass transit money), there is just a little comment about how the provision that Tom DeLay wanted was not part of the proposed legislation. If you attach significance to such tid bits it suggests that the Majority Leader doesn't have complete control. Is that possible?

The District 22 Political Forum maintains that an active process of letting the people who live here know how they are being represented by their Congressman will let the other members of congress know that there is discontent in DeLay's home District. With enough attention broadcast to the voters here in the District one might expect to see a change in his status after the next election. Enough evidence of voter dissatisfaction here in this homeland should empower other members of Congress to know that they can stand for their own interests and not be kowed by abuses of power by the leadership. Can we hope that this article is a portent of things to come?

His conduct no longer reflects the values of the mainstream voter in this area now, if it ever did.


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