Friday, February 18, 2005

This is Mordred in Galt's Gulch

In the face of the scorn of his peers in Congress, who are too fearful to stand up to him, Tom DeLay contemplates siezing higher office. The blogs are ablaze with the rumor that DeLay has the scheme in place to put him into the Office of Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Shameless in his willingness to abuse the power he wields, it is likely that his premonition that the only thing that he has to fear is his own hubris will come to fruition. Trying the get out of jail free ruse, having the Texas Legislature pass a law to try to divert a prosecuting attorney from his investigation of DeLay related criminal conduct that has seen some participants admit guilt, and then leveraging his way to the top job just may not bode well here in his home District. The Repbulican blog claiming an inside track on the news of Delay's ascension acknowledges uneasiness here in the District about his abuses of power. We will see. Tom has not taken care of business with most of the people who live here.


Blogger Disgusted with DeLay said...

The Texas Legislature Is Trying to Change Our Grand Jury System to Protect Tom Delay’s Political Action Group TRMPAC.

What Does Tom Delay Have To Hide?

Call him at 281 280-9874.

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