Monday, February 28, 2005

Nasa cuts? Let's do what the Greeks did to the bearer of bad news

Under the heading of 'Watch what they do not what they say", pay attention to what is happening at NASA. While Tom DeLay is trying to curry political capital by trumpeting his role as savior of NASA programs, he is presiding over a process to cut NASA. The Washington Post columnist Steve Barr writes about a process that NASA insiders have been trying to bring out since back in the 2004 election. Very little about what Tom DeLay has in mind for NASA involves local jobs in the 22nd Congressional District. His fat cat lobby buddies at the contractors who do work for NASA will make out in the long run but the jobs will be in Kansas, Oregon and, most likely, Bangladesh or India. For those familiar with Tom's famous sweat shop speech, about how the factories in Saipan that were not even paying their workers' wages represented what America is all about, (I have the video) just imagine the call center or the CAD operation that the outsource industry will provide when the NASA jobs are all subcontracted out. When Tom DeLay says he has done something good for the people of the District you must do what political analysts have done since Deep Throat advised the Washington Post about the Nixon plotters: "Follow the money". In District 22, in Texas, the real money never seems to wind up in the pockets of the people who live here. Neither does the mass transit money, or Social Security or Veterans benefits.


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